Codes of Ethics

Codes of Ethics

Codes of Ethics

 Code of Ethics RITMA Massage Therapists

 Code of Ethics RITMA Naturopaths

 Code of Ethics RITMA Osteopaths

 Code of Ethics RITMA Kinesitherapists

 Code of Ethics RITMA Orthotherapists


Jean-Philippe Lamb, osteopath, member no O08-1164

1-1050, boulevard Curé-Labelle, Blainville, QC

Permanent removal from August 1, 2017

Derogatory acts; articles II-2, VI-1, VI-15, VII-1, VII-2, VII-7, VIII-7



Yannick Plante, massage therapist, member no M11-1840

402, Jean-Baptiste-Campeau, Saint-Eustache, QC

Indeterminate suspension from May 17, 2017

Derogatory acts; articles VI-3., VII-2., VII-10., VII-11.e, VIII-1., VIII-7


Chandler Elie, osteopath, member no 011-1924

1415, rue Fleury Est, Montréal, QC

Temporary removal from August 28, 2014 until February 28, 2017 and penality

derogatoru acts; articles II-2

Update : Non-renewed membership