Become a member

Become a member

To become a member of the association, one must be 18 years or older.

You must be a graduate from a school recognized or accredited by RITMA Association in the discipline(s) which you would like to become a member.

For your membership request, in addition to completing the online registration forms, you must provide copies of relevant documents (certificate, diploma, grade transcripts, resumé, etc.) at

At RITMA, the annual subscription is renewable on the last day of the month of your arrival as a member. For example, if you became a member in July, your membership fee will be renewable on July 31 of the following year, and so forth.

Professional Insurance
As a professional association working in the field of alternative and complementary medicines, RITMA strongly recommends that all its members have professional liability "Errors and Omissions" insurance . This protection is offered to RITMA members by ESSOR, specialized insurance brokers. In addition, all RITMA members can enjoy an attractive discount by insuring their home and car at the same cabinet.

Membership Group Insurance *
RITMA is one of very few alternative and complementary medicine associations to provide its membership with group insurance. A wide variety of protections are offered to our members through the services of our broker, Lussier Dale Parizeau, such as long term disability coverage, critical illness and life insurance, as well as dental coverage.

*Bill n°33 requires you to at least have a prescription drug insurance. 

Code of Ethics
RITMA Association requires that its members practice their profession with the highest standards of form and function as well as ensuring the respect and integrity of the person. Abiding by our code of ethics is not optional! You are strongly encouraged to read our Code of Ethics in its ENTIRETY prior to signing the acceptance form. 

Following the reception of all documents, please allow two to three weeks for the analysis of your file.

Any application that has not been completed within 3 months of receiving all your documents at our office will be canceled. All request related documents will be shredded.

No application will be considered prior to receiving a payment for the file analysis fee. This fee of $40.00 +tx ($45.99) is not refundable.


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