To meet Ritma's eligibility criteria, each massage therapy school must offer a professional training program aimed at anyone who wants to become a graduate massage therapist, and also at therapists who wish to further their training. Massage therapy courses are offered throughout Quebec, including several of them in Montreal. The schools recognized by RITMA are among the most qualified in Quebec. Training in massage therapy must include at least one thousand hours of practical and theoretical training, and integrate knowledge of the administrative sector such as professional ethics, deontology and management. However, several schools give an initial training of 400 hours which will include 2 basic techniques, but the student will have to complete his training at another institution in order to accumulate the required hours.


The public network offers some training in massage therapy, but training is mainly provided by private schools.

The demand for massage therapy is growing. It will be possible for the qualified person to hold a job in massage therapy anywhere in Quebec. Once graduated, the massage therapist will become self-employed or salaried and will be able to practice his profession in a spa, a clinic (often multidisciplinary), or even open his own office. More and more, hospitals are calling on the care provided by massage therapists. It is also possible for the massage therapist to join a rehabilitation clinic to work in collegiality with health professionals. The salary of a massage therapist may vary depending on where he practices his profession.


The vocational school which provides training in massage therapy must allow the student to develop the skills inherent in the profession.

Vigilance is required for online training or distance training, given the type of skills to be developed in manual or energy technical maneuvers. On the other hand, aspects such as anatomy, physiology, pathology and several other training courses lend themselves well to this kind of study.

Graduated massage therapists must keep their knowledge and practice up to date, they must stay aware of developments in massage therapy knowledge.

In order to meet the needs of the clientele, the massage therapy clinic is becoming an increasingly specialized environment, and there are numerous massage therapy techniques; chair massage, baby massage, pregnant woman massage, sports massage, shiatsu etc.